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Our history

Hi, I’m Paola and I want to tell you the story of a dream come true.

BioSiculà is located in Avola, a beautiful seaside town, located on the south-eastern coast of Sicily and called the pearl of the Ionian Sea. And it is precisely here that more than twenty years ago, along the bank of the Asinaro river, from the love for its land and the passion for agriculture of Salvatore (my father) was born what today is a solid company. who proudly boasts satisfied customers both in Italy and in Europe.
With extreme care we have selected the best local producers, who like us love our land and respect it, because before being conscious producers we are careful consumers and we focus on the food security of our families.
For this reason I am sure that if you give us your trust, letting us enter your homes and your tables, you will be satisfied with your choice.

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Our most requested products

Arance di Sicilia Bio

Organic Oranges

Oranges are an important source of vitamins: especially C and A, but also a large part of those in group B.
They also boast a high content of bioflavonoids, and can help strengthen bones and teeth.

Trivia: Ever heard of the slimming power of orange juice?

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Limoni di Sicilia Bio

Organic Lemons

A citrus fruit much appreciated for its many beneficial properties. Acts in the intestine, promoting digestion. It can be used for hair and tooth care; helps treat respiratory disorders.
Curiosity: Drinking a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon in the morning is a real cure for the body and for the waistline.

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Mandarino di Sicilia Bio

Organic Mandarin

An inevitable fruit on party tables, but also as a simple snack on cold winter days. It boasts an enormous amount of beneficial properties for our body, starting from its skin, capable of delaying the aging of the skin.
Curiosity: Did you know that he is an enemy of anxiety and insomnia?

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Pompelmo di Sicilia Bio

Organic Grapefuit

Rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoids, fiber and low in calories. Grapefruit is a fruit with countless beneficial properties for the body. A glass of grapefruit juice would bring, in addition to vitamin C, potassium, lycopene, calcium, and sugar.
Curiosity: Did you know that it promotes sleep and fights the flu?

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Discover our services

Custom boxes

Is a whole box of 10 kg citrus fruits too much? Discover in our shop how to customize your order.

The more you buy the less you spend

We ship all over Europe. Find out how to save on shipping.
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The biological calendar

See our production calendar to find out what the seasonal products are
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Come and visit our company

Biosiculà offers its customers the opportunity to stay in Sicily to visit our company and get to know our producers. Discover all the details.
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Guaranteed freshness

The fruits are collected only after receiving the order. In this way we can guarantee that an absolutely fresh and quality product arrives on your table

100% Organic Certificate

Our products are totally natural and are not treated in any way. Because eating healthy means eating organic

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Azienda Agricola Biosiculà
di Nastasi Salvatore

Via Tommaso Campanella 53
96012 Avola (SR)

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