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We at Biosiculà are very attentive to the freshness of our products. To have guarantees of freshness with intact nutritional properties, each product must be in season. Today it is very difficult to recognize seasonal fruit, since the same qualities can now be found at the supermarket and on the stalls all year round. We could eat specialties such as apples, pears or bananas from January to December, but each fruit has its own seasonality and it is right to go along with it to eat well and healthy. If we then consider that early and late fruit is more expensive, of lower quality and with very low nutritional principles than seasonal fruit, we have really said it all.

This is one of the indispensable requirements for which on Biosiculà you will not find products available all year round but only those that mother nature has decided to give us according to her own rules.

Seasonal fruit

Biosiculà - Arance Amare

Bitter Oranges

Known in Sicilian dialect as “aranci sarbaggi”, that is wild oranges, they are very valuable and thanks to their unique flavor they are widely used especially for the preparation of jams or liqueurs.

Availability: January – February
Biosiculà - Arance Moro

Moro oranges

Moro oranges are medium in size and slightly ovoid in shape. The pulp, of an intense red color, is among the most pigmented, sweet, juicy and almost seedless, the most suitable for squeezing.

Availability: January – March
Biosiculà - Arance Tarocco

Tarocco oranges

Tarocco oranges are the most popular variety on Italian tables. They are delicious to eat in wedges, just peeled. But this type of oranges is ideal for orange juice: in fact, up to 40% of juice is obtained from tarocco oranges.

Availability: January – March
Biosiculà - Mandarino Marzaiolo

Marzaiolo mandarin

The marzaiolo is a late variety of mandarin, a wonderful fruit with an unmistakable taste and aroma. Spheroidal in shape, it has a very thin faded orange skin, tending towards yellow. The pulp is made up of easily divisible, juicy wedges with few seeds.

Availability: March – April
Biosiculà - Arance Valencia

Valencia oranges

Valencia orange lends itself above all to being squeezed and has a high level of acidity, it is a blond pulp orange, which contains some seeds. It is the most widespread Orange in the world that begins to ripen in spring and its harvest can last until June.

Availability: April – June
Biosiculà - Mandarino Satsuma Miyagawa

Satsuma mandarins

The satsuma mandarin is very similar to the common mandarin, often has a green skin even when fully ripe, is seedless, has an excellent skin-to-pulp ratio, and is very juicy. There are several varieties, some with green skin, others yellow, others orange.

Availability: September
Biosiculà - Limone Verdello

Verdello lemons

The verdello lemon is considered the lemon of the summer, protagonist of the third flowering of the “Syracusan female”. The use of Verdello as well as in the kitchen, is very suitable for the preparation of the typical “lemon granita” and for the preparation of liqueurs, such as limoncello.

Availability: October
Biosiculà - Limone Primofiore

Primofiore lemons

Primofiore lemons are typical of Southern Italy, have a skin of medium thickness, light yellow color and very intense flavor as they have a high acidity in the pulp as well as an abundant yield of juice.

Availability: October – June
Biosiculà - Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit or maracujà is originally from Brazil. It has an oval shape and its peel can be purple, yellow or red. The internal pulp is very fragrant and has a gelatinous consistency. The passion fruit should be cut in half and eaten fresh with the help of a teaspoon.

Availability: October – June
Biosiculà - Melograno


The pomegranate fruit is an autumn fruit, composed of a red rind inside which the juicy red arils are collected.

Availability: November – December
Biosiculà - Arance Navel

Navel oranges

They are oranges with “navel”, but it is not a defect, but a characteristic of them, because it is a twin orange that has remained in the peel and has not developed. Today, navel oranges are the most cultivated variety in the world and are ideal for the famous orange and tuna salad, a delicious fresh and nutritious dish.

Availability: November – February
Biosiculà - Mandarino Nova

Nova Mandarin

Nova mandarins are a hybrid between the “Orlando” tangelo and the “Comune” clementine. The fruits are seedless, have a very thin skin and the pulp has a high juice content.

Availability: November – February
Biosiculà - Pompelmo rosa

Pink grapefruit

The pink grapefruit (variety of the yellow grapefruit) is a fruit, more precisely a citrus fruit, similar to an orange, with the clearest and smoothest rind, and the pulp that oscillates between pink and red. To develop at its best, this citrus fruit needs a warm, almost subtropical climate where the temperature remains between 20 and 28 ° C.

Availability: November – February
Biosiculà - Cedri

Lemon cedar

The lemon cedar is considered the progenitor of all citrus fruits as it is from the cedar that all the other fruits belonging to the genus derive.

Availability: December – January
Biosiculà - Mandarino Tacle

Tacle mandarins

The tacle mandarin is the result of the cross between the Sicilian tarocco orange and clementine. The tacle has no seeds, it has a refreshing and balanced flavor. Also excellent for autumn juices, the tacle mandarin is recognizable by the streaks of red it inherits from the tarot.

Availability: December – January
Biosiculà - Avocado


Avocado has a large central seed of 3-5 cm in diameter. The pulp is yellow-green or pale yellow, the peel, the epicarp, can be green or aubergine, smooth or wrinkled. It has a slight nutty flavor.

Disponibilità: Dicembre – Febbraio


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